Across The Blue (RPC AZ 89921/2) 1971?



On one level The New Dream is a very simple six-person male/female folk group covering standards like ‘Pass It On’, ‘The Sound Of Silence’ and ‘Leavin’ On A Jet Plane’. But they also manage some striking dreamy bleak loner moods on original songs like ‘So Much For Me’, ‘Liar’ and ‘Etemal Life’. Such moments are on par with albums like the respected Listen 1p. Low-tech sound with imperfect yet charming moody harmonies throughout, accompanied by just acoustic guitars, bass and tambourine (might be some electric guitar in there as well couldn’t tell for sure). Includes a version of the Stones’ ‘As Tears Go By’ featuring just the girls. Fifteen songs in all. High school students from Remington, Indiana, on the RFC custom label. “We try to share Christ’s love wherever we go and we hope that our songs might bring people closer to Him.” (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.