Beyond The Blue (Gospel Empire 211213) 1972?



Collectors of outsider music, outer space records, dummies/puppets, cheesy dramas and oddball Christian lps will all want to add this one to their want lists. Dressed up in silvery space gear, Captain Shoup and Sister Shoup set their sights to the stars with a goal to boldly go where no low-budget gospel record has gone before. Joining them on this journey are a painted cardboard robot named Loosenut and dummy named Jerry. Mostly Jiggers/Captain Hook-like spoken routines between the Captain, the robot, the dummy and the dummy’s grandmother, punctuated here and there with traditional organ-backed hymns courtesy of Sister Shoup and kids Rick and Michelle (all with noticeably less-than-perfect vocals). Lt. Green sits at the computer and helps the rest stay on course by using the Bible for a flight manual. Includes such lovable gems as ‘Prepare To Fire” (complete with countdown and vocalized blast-off “effects”), ‘Loosenut Asks About Jerry’, ‘Bible Story’, ‘Loosenut Tells How To Take A Space Trip’, ‘Jerry’s Grandmother’ and ‘Meteorite Storm’. Loosenut’s low-voiced low-key monotone is a wonder to behold. Maximum “real people” charm at work here. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).

There is a 2004 reissue of this album on CD.   diakoneo


I have not acquired this album yet.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Prepare To Fire
1-3Loosenut Asks About Jerry
1-4Bible Story
1-5My Heart Is Reserved
2-1Loosenut Tells How To Take A Space Trip
2-2Jerry's Grandmother
2-3I'll Never Be The Same
2-4Meteorite Storm
2-5Gospel Ship