Noah And The Ark (Jonah no #) 1970?



Same bunch of nuts that released those priceless nuggets Jonah And The Whale, Daniel And The Lion’s Den and Jacky Beck’s The Prodigal Son. Once again it’s that lovable amateur male/female 12-string-with-organ folk-rock sound pieced together with some of the most inane dialogue ever conceived. The story line this time revolves around Noah and his nagging falsetto-voiced wife. She hides a dirty record when an angel comes to the door, then accidentally plays it (‘Whoops! Wrong record!”). Soon they become aware of the depraved state of humanity around them as they visit a GP movie, an R movie, and finally an X movie, followed by refrain “we three judges of pornography” to the tune of ‘We Three Kings’. Soon the ark is under construction. Noah’s hillbilly neighbor isn’t worried (Pooh on you!) since he’s got his own ark: “a 20-foot job with a Johnson outboard” that he got from Good Works magazine. Littered with corny jokes, usually followed by Noah bursting into hick laughter (“All aboard! All aboard! If you can’t get a board get a plank – a-heh heh heh!”). He even sings a bar of ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ before the door shuts. The neighbor’s boat sinks and he knocks to get in the ark, but it’s too late. Closes on a more serious note with a personal testimony and challenge from the voice of Noah. Man, I wanna know what these guys were on! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.