You’ve Gotta Move (Unison BRC023) 1972  Australia *




I suppose I can give this 3-girl 2-guy Australian folk outfit a point for their clever band name. Musically they’re fair enough, harmonizing through folk standards with low-tech electric guitar strumming around in the background, plus electric bass and drums. Stuff like ‘I Know He’s Listening’, ‘Man And A Little Bit’, ‘He Loves Everybody’, ‘Little Black Sheep’, ‘Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy’, ‘ Ain’t That News’. They sound rather traditional on the two slow-m0ving hymns and two piano-backed songs, but most everything else is in a workable primitive folk mode. Also one spoken-word track from Garry Coleman (Australian director of Ambassadors for Christ) to introduce the band. All students at Illawarra Bible College. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




I have not located a copy of this album yet.