Born Movin’ (Chiro CCS001) 1970?





Socially-conscious Christianity meets the angry ’60s folk-singer method of Tom Paxton. Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan on this simple yet passionate Detroit-area custom. Backed by a single acoustic guitar, Patrick Mason presents his convictions through original titles like ‘Hey Man, Hey Woman’, ‘Wake Up Christian’, ‘I’m Holy’, I’ve Got A Friend’ and ‘Heaven’s The Place Where I’m Bound’. From the back cover, “The assault is acid, and angry, yet with all the searing, searching hurt of the prophet probing at his doubts, mauling mediocrities – a kind of Christian karate that leaves listeners limply aware of the massive gulf between what we are and what we claim to be”. Wife Rosemarie is featured on three of the eleven tracks, presenting a more delicate moody style. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





I have not yet acquired this album.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hey Man, Hey Woman3:45
1-2Standin' In The Rain4:21
1-3Wake Up Christian4:34
1-4Who's That Hangin'4:48
1-5Born Movin'2:48
2-1I'm Holy2:58
2-2Days I'm Lonely4:52
2-3Where Do I Find Thee Love4:30
2-4I've Got A Friend3:23
2-5New Dawn3:43
2-6Heaven's The Place Where I'm Bound2:41