Karatist Preacher / God’s Power (Sound Track LP-SR-164-371) 1975?



Hiiiiiiii-yah!!! Submitted for your approval. Mike Crain, the barefooted karate preacher. Hard to resist an album cover that shows a man breaking his hand through six slabs of concrete with a cross behind him and “God’s Power” in giant letters. And get a load of the back: pictures of Mike hacking through 300 pounds of ice, splitting 10 inches of concrete with his head, and cutting a watermelon off Bob Anderson’s stomach with a giant blade while blindfolded. All to the glory of God. As with a lot of on these “incredibly strange” albums, the overall concept is more fascinating than the actual recording itself. Here we have a couple of stories from Mike on confrontations with gangs and bootleggers, a side-long sermon on “Hoe to Have God’s Power”, and three traditional hymns sung by Naomi Crain. There is, however, one fairly classic sequence where he actually demonstrates breaking some concrete. He talks about getting mad at it, pretending it’s Satan (or sometimes his mother-in-law). Then he starts his heavy breathing routine, works himself up into a frenzy, and finally explodes with a visceral yell. Concrete be gone! An outreach of Judo and Karate For Christ, Chattanooga, Tennessee. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.




An album by MIKE CRAINKaratist Preacher / God’s Power recorded in about 1975 of Jesus Music. Before Contemporary Christian Music or CCM there was Jesus Music.

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