Just For Fun! (Sumac 1008) 1978?



Brylcream Baptist gospel singer goes for the laughs via piano-entertainer covers of mostly Dan McBride numbers like ‘Dear Computer We Adore Thee’, ‘Tiptoe Through The Tithers’, ‘Sunday School Pin’, etc., all of which are takeoffs on popular songs. You’re far better off getting McBride’s down-home sincere guitar-pickin’ originals, but Evans interpretations have a certain dig-able conservative cheesiness about them. The cover caricature of Evans at the keyboard might be misleading since the credits list Lari Goss as the pianist. The tickled ivories, humorous songs and live concert setting all make for sort of a Bible Belt version of Tom Lehrer, albeit with nowhere near the wit. Just listen to them Baptists guffaw as he sings “I’m beginning to sound a lot like Falwell” to the tune of ‘lt’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas’. He’s got tons of other straight-forward gospel lps. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.