The Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, Incredible, Unbelievable, Different World of Gary S. Paxton (NewPax NP33005) 1976




Gary S. Paxton. Not a name that’s typically bandied about by the cultured rocker. He’s got way too much Nashville gospel/MOR to penetrate that crowd. But you know what? The guy can go from normal to total wacko in no time flat. And when he does, It’s Dr. John meets Barry McGuire in Dr. Demento’s backyard. Of course none of this should come as any surprise given his unusual album titles, odd cover photos and songs like ‘You Ain’t Smokin’ Those Cigarettes (Baby They’re Smokin’ You’), ‘Will There Be Hippies In Heaven?’, ‘Fat, Fat Christmas’, ‘There’s Goes A Cigar Smokin’ A Man’, ‘The Clone Affair’ and the morbid ‘When The Meat Wagon Comes For You’. Cuts like ‘Victims Of The System’, ‘Sophisticated Savages’, ‘Mental Pollution’, ‘I’m Hooked On A Good Thing’, ‘Ninevah Noose’ and ‘Images’ show the boy is certainly capable of brewing up a slick brass-funky swamp-rock groove when called for. Still a lot of traditional songs to wade through, but ultimately worth your time for Gary’s weirdo half. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Thank you Donald for the inside gate-fold and rear cover photos as well as the track listings.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Different World4:04
1-2Love, It Comes In All Colors3:29
1-4Wonder If God Cries2:30
1-5What'Cha Gonna' Do When You Ain't A Kid No More2:31
1-6Layed Back (In His Love)4:07
2-1Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher And Higher3:36
2-2There's Got To Be More To Livin' Than Just Waitin' To Die2:31
2-3You Ain't Smokin' Them Cigarettes (Baby They're Smokin' You)2:39
2-4Victim Of The System3:09
2-5Sophisticated Savages5:08
2-6He Was There All The Time4:19