Amen! (Rainbow R-2199-LPS) 1976?



Good night, how many women ventriloquists were there out there with this exact same squeaky voice and eardrum-piercing laugh? This particular dummy has the honor of being manipulated by a former Miss Texas, movie actress and Playboy circuit entertainer. Just look at her snuggled up cheek to cheek with Erick, both of them with their eyes closed – you know right from the start that this one’s gonna be special. Amen! is a live recording of routines, including numerous inside jokes directed at members of the audience. The masochistic listener will indeed not be disappointed, especially when it comes time for the duo to perform one of their gut-busting songs. Practically indistinguishable from Geraldine and Ricky, right down to that lengthy story about the trees. Looks like Erick’s make-up might have been packed on a little too strong. States on the back that Beverly won the National Association of Ventriloquists’ 1974 Dialogue Contest for two of her routines. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet.



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2-1Part 2