On The Air With DJ The DJ (Jubilee LP-101) 1978



Incredibly hyperactive Muppet-looking DJ who broadcasts news reports from radio station WWWWW in Joppa (World-Wide Whacky Wonderful Wadio). Bible stories are told in humorous call-in talk radio format or a man busting his hand cartoon-ish skits, the best being Daniel’s encounter with Pete Puma like lion. Also fake commercials, station jingles, announcements, weather briefs, a couple songs, a message from Daniel’s answering machine and a fun novelty CB-radio country ditty ‘Paydirt Special’ about a trucker who gets his rig rollin’ down the right road (i.e., gets saved). Phil Freeman appears to be the main person responsible for all this, along with assistance from his wife, kids and a real-life local DJ. Front cover has a color photo of DJ in front of a mike, while the back contains additional b&w pics of various other puppets, including PJ the Mouse, Puppy Love and Squeak-beak, the latter’s voice bearing mild resemblance to Jar Jar Binks. California custom label. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.