The Adventures Of Finley The Fish (Word K-736) 1976








Floyd Robinson - The Adventures of Finley the Fish








Floyd Robinson takes a dive underwater for this amusing collection of fishy Jesus songs like ‘Sea Of Galilee’, ‘Fishers Of Men’, ‘A Porpoise For Your Life’ and ‘Super Fish’, As you might expect, Finley sings in a gurgly underwater voice, gleefully rendering Floyd’s usual trite country melodies over-top a constant trickle of water. Finley joins forces with his harmonizing buddy Gilley for ‘Everybody’s Goin’ Fishing’. Speaking of which — you best not be caught fishing on Sunday, ‘cuz as Finley points out on ‘Sunday Fishing’, that’s God’s day. Spiffy cartoon cover of Finley, looking suspiciously similar to Charlie The Tuna. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









I have not acquired this album yet.