Beaumont Meets Reflection (Reflection RL 302) 1970 UK *
























For this album Reflection teamed up with clergyman and composer Father Gerard Beaumont, performing sixteen of his songs. Beaumont apparently goes back quite a ways and is known for writing some folk masses as early as 1957. On this album Beaumont himself plays piano and sings lead on six songs. If you think the idea of a 66-year old Englishman singing lead with a bunch of young folk-rockers is going to sound unusual, the answer is yes! The back cover notes describe his gravelly voice as “the English Louis Armstrong”. A couple of his songs sound like they belong in a ‘40s movie score. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















I have not acquired this album yet.  There appears to be multiple color covers for this album. The above covers are ones I saw online. I am unsure if there are other colors. Labels I’m not sure they may also vary in color the above labels were with the blue front cover. If anyone knows please post a comment and let us know.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1When I Look Around Me
1-2Thou Art the Way
1-3Song of Love
1-4Shout, Shout
1-5Blest are the Poor
1-6Cana Town's in Galilee
1-7There is God
1-8The King of Love
2-1Gracioius Spirit
2-2Blest are the Poor
2-3Jesus, Humble was your Birth
2-4Now Thank We All our God
2-5Lord, Thy Word Abideth
2-6Shout, Shout
2-7Hurray, Hurray
2-8Sing, My Tongue/Faithfull Cross