Geraldine and Ricky (Christ For The World 770-1347) 1969?
















The twosome’s debut lp features a young Geraldine in her early twenties, performing under her maiden name Geraldine Murray. Even then her skills were finely tuned, as evidenced by this wonderful collection of live routines and duets. We hear a lot more of Ricky singing on this one – that’s either good news or bad news, depending on your taste (or perhaps lack thereof?) Listeners who want to experience “that laugh” in all its fullness will once again have plenty of opportunities. The introduction by evangelist E. J. Daniels provides some interesting background info: how God gave Geraldine the gift of ventriloquism overnight at age fourteen; how she turned down a $100,000/year job offer from Disneyland; and how she and Ricky would pack in the crowds at Daniels’ crusades. Hey, if God can speak through a donkey, Why not an obnoxious little dummy named Ricky, right? A large frame-able color photo of the pair graces the front – different copies have different color borders. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















I have not acquired this album yet.