Bible Stories That Live (Disciple DRC 1046) 1974?




I was unable to locate a photo

of this one






Somebody gimme a frame for that cover! Check out children’s evangelist Gary C. Collins, surrounded by a veritable cornucopia of assorted dummies and puppets. I count five dummies in there, including one that looks to be the same model as Ezra (of Gail & Ezra fame), along with a wide-eyed black character with a perfectly round Afro. In addition there are seven of the dweebiest looking home-made puppets ever, including a couple that look like severely mutated versions of Big Bird and Kermit the Frog. Unfortunately I don’t think that any of them are actually featured on the vinyl, which consists of four Bible stories. As far as that kind of thing goes, this turns out to be fairly average stuff. You got your usual dramatic organ accompaniment, the occasional sound effect and overall home-made atmosphere, but for the most part there’s not a whole lot of weirdness going on. Except for maybe that mischievous conniving voice that he keeps using for all the bad characters: the crowd yelling at Zacchaus, the devil in the Garden of Eden and the people making fun of Noah. Gary also does Gospel magic, flannel graph and chalk illustrations. Custom gospel label out of Michigan. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









I have not acquired this album yet.