God’s Loving Care (Scripture Press 8378-7652) 1961















I picked up this old pre-schooler lp alter being intrigued by the numerous ancient Dick-and-Jane-ish pictures on the 28-page booklet. I never thought I’d hear something that made Barney the purple dinosaur sound like an intellectual, but this would appear to be it. Endlessly hops from one quick song and dialogue to another, with a man and woman excitedly saying things like “Let’s be God’s wind, OOOOO, OOOOO, OOOOO!” By the time the record is over, you will have pretended to be a tomato, a watermelon, Mr. Frog, a car, a jet plane, a tree, a piece of toast in a toaster, and about a hundred other things. Also contains advice-in song on coming when mother calls, brushing your teeth, apologizing when you’re wrong, picking up toys, walking gently with a glass of milk, doing the dishes, and relying on the Lord’s patience when waiting for your turn on the swing. Almost gets out of hand when Daddy comes home from work and pretends he’s a growling bear. Be careful of prolonged exposure or you’ll be pulling out your hair in tuft’s. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).












I have not acquired this album yet.







An album by CHILDRENS MISCELLANEOUS – God’s Loving Care recorded in 1961 of Jesus Music. Before Contemporary Christian Music or CCM there was Jesus Music.

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