God Put A Yodel In My Heart (BZ 002) 1980?















I suppose if there’s a genre for gospel whistling, there ought to be one for gospel yodeling too, right? In fact according to the back cover there’s “much evidence that yodeling first originated as a form of praise and worship”. Enter country singer Buzz Goertzen and his heaven-ward-directed yodel-odel-lay-hee-hee, and boy what an impressive one it is! Not every song on this album has a yodel, but a good half of them are amply infused with that gleeful sound, including the title track, ‘Just Knowing The Lord’, ‘Let’s Make A Joyful Noise’ and ‘Glory To God. Hallelujahl’. All of these are lively upbeat numbers cruising along with electric guitar, steel and fiddle. And to further enhance the sound, there are even some multi-harmony yodels, counter-melody yodels and echoed yodels. In addition to entering a full-time ministry of singing, speaking and yodeling, Buzz was a law enforcement officer and drug rehabilitation counselor. Three other albums are listed on the back, all of which also contain some yodeling songs. I’d love to see this guy’s Adam’s apple up close when he’s doing his thing. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

















I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1God Put A Yodel In My Heart
1-2Jesus By My Side
1-3Just Knowing The Lord
1-4Just Knowing The Lord
1-5On The Mountain Top
2-1Let's Make A Joyful Noise
2-2Little Lily
2-3Glory To God, Hallelujah!
2-4Jesus Is Alive
2-5It's A Good Life