The Rock Of Ages ’71 (Way 11045) 1971
















The Way International put out a number of these annual conference- festival albums in the ‘70s consisting of music and spoken word snippets. Unfortunately most have only brief excerpts from the bands. That and there’s usually too much talking and too many traditional styles. The Rock Of Ages ’71 is one of the better ones as it has some good full-length rocking material by Cookin’ Mama (including ‘In The Presence Of The Lord’), Dove (a classy west-coast psych cover of ‘Jesus Is Just All Right’) and Barry McCoy. Also five selections from Pressed Down Shaken Together & Running Over, some rather brief but most being non-lp. The sermon excerpts in this series reveal a lot more about the organization’s doctrinal peculiarities than is typically discernible from the individual bands’ music albums. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).
















I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for the song tracks list and rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Thanks – Rev. John Townsend
1-2God Is Light – Pressed Down, Shaken Together & Running Over
1-3Better Day – Cookin’ Mama Featuring Paul Hahn
1-4Spreading The True Word – Barry McCoy
1-5In The Presence Of The Lord – Glenda Sue And Cookin’ Mama
1-6Tell Your Neighbor - Steve Heefner
1-7Pressed Down, Shaken Together & Running Over – Pressed Down
1-8Jesus Is Just Alright – Dove
1-9Christ Is Coming – Pressed Down
2-01On The Lawn – Rev. Walter Cummins
2-02Singing God’s praises – Chris Lagey
2-03You Can Be - Cookin’ Mama
2-04The Real Thing – Gary Curtis
2-05Christ In Me – Pressed Down
2-06Thanks To Calvary – Ted And Mardelle
2-07God Is Our Strength – Rev. John Townsend
2-08Amazing Grace – Claudette Royal
2-09Man With The Bird – Dr. Tracy Spencer
2-10Greetings – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille
2-11Truly God – Pressed Down
2-12Ambassador Call – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille
2-13One Hundred Children – The Way Children
2-14Into The World – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille
2-15The Word Over The World – Fugit And Crabb
2-16I’m Still Here – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille