Rolled Away (Persephone PM-1033) 1979

















Rolled Away is another fine project by Stephen C Rose who also worked on the excellent Stranger Named Peace album from this same small custom label. The main performers and vocalists are David Grover bass, guitars, organ) and Judy Lunseth, joined by Terry Hall (drums), Amasa Miller (piano), and Jon Graboff (mandolin). Rose wrote all the songs and also contributes background vocals. Rolled Away has a certain artistic integrity about it — an authentic roots country folk sound with a touch of old-time spirituals blended in. Usually slow and acoustic oriented with classy guitar picking action throughout, the exception being ‘Swallowed Up In Victory’, a more rock-edged track that features a great acid electric lead. Other selections have titles like ‘Cast The First Stone’, ‘Plant Your Seed In The Good Ground’, ‘As The Hart Longs’, ‘If Everyone Loved Everyone’, and ‘Things That Shall Remain’. These Persephone folks were definitely on the cusp. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for the front and rear cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Rolled Away3:14
1-2Cast The First Stone4:37
1-3Plant Your Seed In The Good Ground3:03
1-4As The Hart Longs3:51
1-5Help Me To Sing A Loving Song3:12
2-1If Everyone Loved Everyone 3:23
2-2Sister, Oh Sister3:09
2-3Things That Shall Remain1:45
2-4Swallowed Up In Victory4:20
2-5By The Waters3:15