The Rapture (Triumphant TR 312-8) 1971
















Intriguing “War Of The Worlds”-type broadcast depicting the Second Coming of Christ. Fifty-one people participated in the making of this drama, an idea born in the mind of the Reverend Jack W. Hester of Simpsonville, South Carolina. After a spoken intro, there’s a fast cut to some wild blaring freak-out rock-n-roll, with a spasmodic DJ tossing out phrases like “shake it loose and let it fall!”, “make the scene!”, “sock it to ya!”, “dig on it!” and “boogaloo!”. Suddenly the party-down atmosphere is interrupted by radio bulletins and special news reports of missing people, cars crashing due to vanishing drivers, disappearing children, torn open graves, as well as subsequent looting, screaming mayhem, people in shock, invoking of martial law, etc. Interestingly, everything is normal at the local tavern – the people there haven’t noticed a thing! Says on the back that some listeners actually thought it was real when the drama was broadcast on the radio – a mechanic closed his garage, a hospital closed its doors, a policeman raced to headquarters to report for duty. Closes with a scriptural explanation for the depicted events (soothing spoken over soft strings), a presentation of the gospel and a choir singing ‘Battle Hymn Of The Republic’. “The Rapture may strike cold fear at a spot deeper inside you than you knew existed. Or it may bring you sudden hope and peace. One thing is sure. You won’t forget it.” (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Rapture15:00
2-1The Rapture15:12