The Scarlet Thread (Sulyn AV 1611) 1979



Scarlet Thread, The


Attractive folk custom from Millington, Tennessee foursome of Janie and Harlon Walker, Donna Morris and Jeff Vowell. Production gives clarity to the acoustic guitars, while irnbruing the vocal harmonies with depth and resonance. Simple jangly songs and acoustic praise numbers are balanced with dreamy ballad expressions. Primarily backed by acoustic guitars and electric bass, with occasional appearances from piano, synthesizer and tambourine, plus a few simple but fitting acoustic guitar leads here and there. The opening minor-key ‘In The Beginning’ is a gorgeous haunting surreal ballad enriched with moody spacious synths. The group is equally vibrant on ‘Psalm 31’ which jangles along with a brisk upbeat style. Several touching moments throughout. Eleven original songs in all. The group name is derived from the scarlet thread Rahab placed on the city wall window in the book of Joshua (effectively illustrated on the front cover illustration). (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you discogs for the label and rear cover photos.



Song # Song Title Time
1-1In The Beginning3:47
1-2Isaiah 552:26
1-3Then Jesus Came2:55
1-4Romans 53:07
1-5Psalm 83:40
2-1Springtime In The Mountains3:36
2-2I'm Satisfied3:09
2-3Psalm 1032:12
2-4Psalm 312:45
2-5Psalm 19:141:55
2-6Finally Brethren, Farewell2:27