The Sands Of Time (Rite 25396) 1970?








Sands Of Time, The (Rite)








A trip to your local Salvation Army thrift store is likely to reveal some albums on the Rite record label – scores of awful home-made albums that would seem to have no artistic reason to exist. I’ve got a feeling most collectors would lump The Sands Of Time into the same lot – but something about them’s got me hooked. Back cover photos of three college guys with guitars and upright bass would seem to indicate a folk lp, but putting the needle to the groove reveals instead a Holiday Inn lounge cocktail kind of jazz with show-offy piano frills, trumpet leads, muzak harmonies, and percussion shuffling along in a light bossa nova beat. Dam near threw it out after the first listen, somehow it found its way back to the turntable – now it literally grows on me with every play. Could be schlock, could be gauche charm – whatever it is I like it. Then again they just might be your bummer for the day. Member Pete Carlson went on to record several solo lps. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Sands Of Time 3:37
1-2Illusive Dream 2:47
1-3I Looked For Love 3:03
1-4My Friend And I 3:10
1-5I Could Not Live Without Him 2:35
1-6I Believe 2:53
2-1Day In, Day Out 3:40
2-2Searching 3:15
2-3The Savior Is Waiting 2:29
2-4I Would Love Him 2:21
2-5He Died On A Cross 2:26
2-6Master Designer 3:07