Strangers In A Strange Land (Myrrh MSB-6612) 1977







Salvation Air Force - Strangers (Fnt)









Hey, nifty band name. But does the duo of Michael and Donnie Gossett musically live up to their cool moniker? Kind of. Remember this was issued in the midst of Myrrh’s mellowing—out phase. Gone were The JC Power Outlet, Randy Matthews, Petra – in were Amy Grant, Glad, and BJ Thomas. Though suffering some from the late ‘70s Myrrh syndrome, SAF ultimately emerges much less “adult contemporary” than their label cronies. Most of the album is smooth innocuous soft rock with a light jazz touch. Only ‘Complete And Alive’ has any real crunch to it. The full-length version of Larry Norman’s ‘If God Is My Father’ closes out side one (though the arrangement here renders it closer to Barry White’s ‘Love’s Theme’ than to anything Norman ever did). Norman himself appears on that cut, as do Jon Linn, John Pantano, Tom Howard, and Randy Stonehill. ‘Accident’ closes out the album utilizing guitar and synth solos on top of a Dave-Brubeck-‘Take—Five’ type of rhythm. See also The Gossetts. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

While I was researching this album I discovered that they recorded a number of addition tracks between 1977-1980 which were released on CD in 2004, which contains 22 tracks. The title of this new release is We Shall Rock! which I discovered here.   I will add a post with the track listing in the CD Section until I can get a review from Ken Scott which will have the track list.    diakoneo


Salvation Air Force - Strangers (Bck)

I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Donald for the front and rear cover photos as well as the track listing.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Can Feel His Presence2:33
1-2Complete And Alive2:45
1-3Don’t Make Me Choose5:27
1-4If God Is My Father6:25
2-1You’re All I Want4:39
2-2It’s Jesus In Me4:25
2-3Special Friend3:01
2-4You Have Blessed Me2:33