We Shall Rock! (donniegossett.com)  2004  Canada *


There is a review by Myron Berg here.  It is an in-depth look at the album. I think we’ve hit a mother lode folks! It looks like it’s time to start mining some music! There are at least four additional albums that were released, around 1980. These being Zero Avenue in 1978, Prayer Warriors on Parade in 1979 and Not Sleep Music in 1980 plus Michael Gossett’s 1982 solo release The Flow.  There is also a release under the name The Gossetts called We Are One released about 1973 on the Praise label in Canada. We Are One is listed in The Archivist the others are not.  Even more searching revealed this post with a partial interview and more group history along with Bleed The Dream in 2005 I also found some single songs some are from the Bleed album found here.  I also discovered a 206 album called

The Last Flight. There are two videos Behind The Not Sleep Music, in 2003 and Back-to-the-Blues, in 2004. You can find Retro a single video on facebook here. Also there a a number of songs on YouTube.     diakoneo


I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
01Passing Glances 4:30
02Avenida Alabanza 3:37
03Whatever Comes First 4:07
04Carlotta 3:07
05Donzilla's Theme 0:36
06At the Border 3:09
07Somehow 3:06
08Strangers 4:46
09Have You Lost the Fire? 3:22
10The Loser 5:25
11Polarized 5:51
12We Shall Rock! 3:25
13Chaygo Brosaf 2:20
14Slave 3:11
15Parasite 2:49
16When I Drive 4:10
17Encounter Session 2:11
18 I'm Working on It 3:54
19Zero Avenue 3:20
20Bigger Than Life 2:35
21Seems so Hard 3:16
22Reach Out and Try 5:47