Streams Of Living Water (LTD Productions 4002) 1978?

Saints Alive - Streams Of Living Water

This Kansas male foursome churns out some likable easygoing country folk/folk-rock on their custom lp. Basic line-up includes acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass and drums. They get some good picking and brisk jangly vibes going on ‘New Creation’. Includes respectable covers of Love Song (‘Jesus Puts The Song In Our Hearts’) and Simple Truth (‘Ain’t Jesus Good’). Also three time original songs with a similar Jesus music spirit: the title track, ‘Jesus Is The One’ and ‘Final Call’ (nice acoustic guitar work on the latter). Alternates with a few lesser harmony-heavy gospel-leaning tracks like ‘Get All Exited’, ‘Jesus Is My Best Friend’, ‘Through It All’ and a medley of spirituals. From Emporia, Kansas. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

If you look close on the front cover you will see a number of tiny pictures in and around the word Jesus.       diakoneo


I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Get All Excited2:51
1-2Jesus Put The Song In Our Hearts3:09
1-3Jesus Is The Best Friend2:46
1-4Ain't Jesus Good
1-5Streams Of Living Water4:29
2-1New Creation3:00
2-2Through It All4:05
2-3Jesus Is The One3:00
2-4Final Call3:30