Conceptual Orchestra (CER SR 1013) 1978

Saintrock-Conceptual Orchestra-front

SaintRock plays an interesting sometimes Grateful Dead-ish hybrid of classic rock, blues, country and psych on this custom production. Two guys mainly: Joe Santora and Peter Zaage, plus a number of assisting musicians. Nice garagy underground hippie feel, with loud electric moments as well as quieter more acoustic passages. Good growly guitar work from Zaage, complemented by Santora’s raggedy lead vocals. Some fairly hefty psychedelic overtones from the wah-wah and organ on ‘Flyin Free’ and ‘When It’s Over’. Not much Christian content to speak of at this point 7 that would become more prominent on their second release. On their website they describe themselves as “non-traditional contemporary Christian rock” and this particular album as an expression of “the realization of one’s spiritual calling.” (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Saintrock-Conceptual Orchestra-back

I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for both the front and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Flyin' Free3:05
1-2Your Love2:30
1-3Daddy's Jug2:20
1-4These Ain't The Dues3:27
1-5Someday Mornin'2:25
1-6High Flyer2:33
2-1Long Lonely Winter3:36
2-2Don't Mess With That Lady3:28
2-3Strawberry Ridge3:15
2-4Don't Be Afraid (of the end)3:28
2-5When It's Over4:27