Forgiven (Myrrh MST-6525) 1974








Salsbury, Ron & JC Power Outlet - Forgiven










Away back when my knowledge of Christian rock albums numbered about ten, I stumbled upon this item, intrigued by the cover of an apple with a band-aid on it. I recognized the song ‘I Choose To Follow You’ from the Jubilation! sampler; years later I still think it’s one of my favorite ballads – musically immaculate and lyrically convicting. What I wasn’t prepared for was dropping the needle on side one and realizing I’d just discovered my first Christian hard rock album. Years later I learned it’s actually their second release and it follows a similar pattern to the debut, alternating the harder-edged songs with quieter material. Bigger budget this time gives a fuller sound ‘Peace And Power’ opens the set with one of their loudest moments on record, including some blazing lead guitar. Other songs in the heavyweight category include ‘Too Bad’ and ‘Give Him Your Love’, the latter I recall having irritated my college roommate with its changing time signatures (is that 5/4 I hear?) ‘My Friend’ gets funky with the clavinet, while mellotron brings a beautiful warm glow and depth to the ballads. My only quibble would be the horns and soulful female bgvs that detract from a couple of tracks. Lyrically tackles issues of commitment, falling away, even astrology on ‘My Sign’ (“my sign is a blood stained cross”). This one will always be special to me. See also Pantano/Salsbury and Jesus People. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

JC Power Outlet-Forgiven-back

I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you George for the rear cover photo and Donald for locating it.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Peace And Power
1-2Oh My Jesus
1-3Too Bad
1-4My Friend
1-5I Choose To Follow You
2-1Give Him Your Love
2-3My Sign
2-4Don't Let Jesus Pass You By
2-5Open Your Spiritual Eyes