Rockin’ Revival (Tunesmith TS 6003) 1981? Canada *








Servant - Rockin' Revival

Servant - Rockin (Re Fnt)








No sophomore slumps here, the band rocking hard through statements like ‘Look Out Babylon’, ‘Jealousies’ (from Eddie Money’s first album) and ‘I’m Gonna Live’ (co-written by future King’s X man Doug Pinnick). Contains some of their loudest moments on record, rivaling the intensity of Resurrection Band on ‘Heidelberg Blues’ (boy that Sandie can really belt it out). Keyboardist Matt Spransy joins the lineup – his Polymoog, Prophet 5, Oberheim synthesizers, piano and Hammond organ bring welcome art-rock touches here and there. Retro Grease-y doo-wop provides inspiration for the routine life of ‘Suburban Josephine’, while ‘Ad Man’ takes a swipe at commercial advertising, making use of that Frampton talking-guitar whatcharnacallit. The original cover has a fish-eye photo of a worship gathering in a farmhouse, later replaced with an on-stage picture of the band in concert. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Servant - Rockin (Fsh Bck)

Servant - Rockin (Re Bck)

Thank you Donald for the original rear cover as well as the reissued front & rear covers and the track list.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Rockin’ Revival
1-4Heidleburg Blues
2-2Suburban Josephine
2-3Ad Man
2-4I’m Gonna Live