Shallow Water (Tunesmith TS 6000) 1979? Canada *








Servant - Shallow (Fnt)









Straight-forward hard-edged rock is what the Tunesmith label’s debut is all about. Not as radical as say Resurrection Band or Barnabas which is one reason I initially let this one go, but after reacquiring it later I’ve come to realize it’s good stuff. No real hints of their later new wave direction as Shallow Water seems more in line with ‘70s classic rock. Sandie Brock and Bob Hardy share the lead vocal spotlight while Bruce Wright lays down the guitar riffs. The title track, ‘Here Comes David’, ‘Jesus Star’ and ‘Fly Away’ all deliver solid driving up-tempo rock-n-roll action, while ‘Holy Roller Blues’ churns along slow, hard and bluesy. Also a heavy cover of Dogwood’s ‘Watergrave’. Softens a tad for ‘Rejoice’ (a track also found on Because I Am and Lonesome Stone), ‘Cup Of Water’ and a cover Sammy Hagar’s ‘Rich Man’. Some fitting organ and synthesizer complementing the sound here and there. Pointed lyrics endorsing commitment and simple lifestyles. The group was part of the Highway Missionary Society and was managed by Jim Palosaari. Gate-fold cover. Some copies on red vinyl. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Servant - Shallow (In Lt)

Servant - Shallow (In Rt)

Servant - Shallow (Bck)

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Cup Of Wate
1-2Fly Away
1-3Here Comes David
1-4Holy Roller Blues
1-5Jesus Star
2-2Rich Man
2-3Shallow Water