The Consciousness 0f Happening (Mark MRS-2149) 1968?









Seraphims, The - Consciousness Of Happening








You might expect some kind of Eastern thing with a title like that, but it ain’t. The Seraphims are three creative college gals who came together in early 1968 at Azusa Pacific College, a Christian school in Azusa, California. Their custom album is an incredibly fun mix of ‘60s girl group sounds coupled with garagy electric pop-beat backing. Not only that, but they’ve written all their own songs. Their harmonies are incredibly charming, while the music is frequently energized with an amateur rocking mix of electric guitar, bass and drums Some great catchy upbeat melodies like ‘Wake Up Singin’, ‘Jesus Loves You’, “The Meaning Of Life’ and ‘Don’t Cling To Me’. Also some stirring slower songs such as ‘Holy Ground’, ‘1 Want To See You’ and ‘Good Morning, Jesus’, the latter a precious melodic ballad that includes accordion (sounding more like an organ) and even a short electric guitar solo. Switches to piano for ‘Where’s My Heart’, acoustic guitar for the ballad ‘The Rose’. Title track wanders into psych realms with its haunting harmonies and dreamy mysterious downcast mood Eleven of the twelve songs were written by group member Diana Rice. A worthy companion to other early electric Jesus music albums like The Sons Of Thunder’s Till The Whole World Knows and Jonathan & Charles’ Another Week To Go. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Wake Up Singin'
1-2Consciousness Of Happening
1-3Where's My Heart
1-4Jesus Loves You
1-5Holy Ground
1-6I Want To See You
2-1The Meaning Of Life
2-2Good Morning Jesus
2-3Wise, Wise Jesus
2-4Don't Cling To Me
2-5The Rose
2-6Lullaby Of Love