Granny Sings Songs For Boys and Girls (Kings Hiway KH1002) 1973?


















There’s nothing particularly unusual about a grandma singing children’s songs. But when that Granny in fact happens to be a man — well now that’s a bit of a different story, isn’t it? Lil’ Ole Granny is the invention of Floyd Robinson, the same guy behind those Charlie The Hamster records. This one’s even better – a hilarious collection of whimsical country-twangin’ kids tunes sung in a stereotyped cartoon granny voice that would make Jonathan Winters proud. One glance at the titles and there’ll be no mistaking that this is a Granny record: ‘Listen To Your Lil’ Ole Granny’, ‘Granny Is Praying For You’, ‘Granny Loves You’, ‘A Happy Little Ole Granny’, ‘Hear Your Grarmy’, ‘I’m A G-R-A-N-Anny’. Yes sir, the Granny theme is most definitely raked for all it’s worth here. Along the way you’re liable to experience some fiddle action, jew’s-harp, electric guitar, even some vocalized rocking chair squeaks keeping the beat on ‘My Rockin Chair’. Granny gets a little radical on ‘Every Day Is A Happy Day’, lettin’ loose with an occasional “whoopee! ! !”. And she always tosses in a Jesus line or two amongst the more mundane secular injunctions, like eating your turkey, slaw and beans. Cover illustration shows her with her hair in a bun, knitting needles, rectangular spectacles, seated in her rocking chair — I’d have preferred a nice shot of Floyd in drag. My copy even had a card inside on how you can order your “Lil’ Ole Granny says Jesus Loves You” iron-on. Go get ‘em Granny! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Ken for the B&W photo in The Archivist.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Listen To Your Lil' Ole Granny
1-2Granny Is Praying For You
1-3Every Day Is A Happy Day
1-4My Rocking Chair
1-5Granny Loves You
2-1Little People
2-2A Happy Lil' Ole Granny
2-3Sing A Pretty Song
2-4Hear Your Granny
2-5I'm A G-r-a-n-n-any