Big Sounds For Little Ears (no label AOH-3) 1978?
















Women with dummies. Men with dummies. Now we’ve got kids with dummies. From down Alabama way comes K & K Ministries, featuring Kylan and Kip Laxson, whom I’d guess to be around ages five and eleven. Kip, the older one, is the main attraction here, stealing the show with his dummy partner Archie. Together they perform routines via Bible stories like ‘David & Goliath’ and ‘Story Of Daniel’, as well as hick nasal-voiced songs such as ‘God Over Me’ and ‘Salvation’, all heavy on the Southern accents. I like how Archie asks Kip if King Nebuchadnezzar was sort of like Jimmy Carter. Also some “serious” songs where the younger Kylan lends his off-key pipes. Even a look-I-can-play-piano-too instrumental simply called ‘Piano’. Nice cover pic of Archie wearing a large dunce cap in a classroom. One of those fascinating as-home-made-as-you-can-get custom lps. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-01I'm In The Lords Army
1-02Kip's Piano Solo
1-03I Am A Promise (Gaither/Gaither)
1-06Get All Exicted (Gaither/Gaither)
1-07Jesus Loves Me
1-08Sly Old Fox
1-09David & Goliath
1-10Boy Name David
2-01Peace Joy & Love
2-02Whisper A Prayer
2-04God Loves You
2-05Let The Sunshine In
2-06Faith Is