Stories And Songs For Children (Diadem DLP-282) 1971?














The needle on my woman-with-dummy weirdness scale is hovering at about 6.5 for these three lps. That means they’re definitely more unusual than your average kids Bible story records, but not quite up there with the unrivaled send-me-to-the-moon champions like Geraldine & Ricky. Jimmie Ruth is Jimmie Ruth Matthews of the Lorne Matthews Family. Rusty is the dummy. All three of these records alternate songs with Bible stories (backed by happy organ accompaniment, naturally). Rusty is constantly interrupting Jimmie Ruth’s stories with his jokes. His humor is a bit on the stale side, but no matter – every joke is followed by profuse hokey on-cue laughter from a bunch of kids (he can’t lose). Like when he confuses the Midianites for “skeeter bites”. Or when God “drove” Adam and Eve out of the garden (“What kind of car? Chevrolet? Mustang? Ford”). A good female counterpart to Dan Betzer & Louie. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1David And Goliath (Story)
1-2Only A Boy Named David
1-3If The Lord Makes You A Plumber
1-4Gideon (Story)
2-1We've Got A Great Big Wonderful God
2-2Jesus Loves Me
2-3When He Cometh
2-4Adam And Eve (Story)
2-5Into My Heart