Speaks Out On Rock Music (Cornerstone CRS 4014) 1972

















Yep, it’s America’s favorite fiery Christian radio talk show host, evangelist and author Bob Larson. Perhaps you’ve had the honor of timing into his broadcast and hearing a few missiles hurled at whatever controversial rock artist du jour happens to’be on his plate. Apparently he’s been doing this as far back as the late ‘60s, which is exactly what he does on this live album. He doesn’t seem quite as blood vessel popping at this point in time, but he still leaves no stone unturned in dishing out enlightening commentary on the horrors of rock. Lots of tales about drugs, the occult, false religions, promiscuous sex, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, etc. All delivered in Bob’s fast—paced style — before you’ve had a chance to soak in a story, he’s on to his next statistic. But none of that is the point here. What’s fascinating about this recording is that Bob brought his electric guitar along. And after every few minutes of dialog he plugs it in and goes absolutely nutzo with some wild loud heavily feed-backed guitar riffs. I kid you not! He busts loose with licks from ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, ‘Spirit In The Sky’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, ‘ln-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’, all followed by audience applause. Even a little lesson on the definition of what is rock, what is syncopation, etc., with cool wah-wah solos to more fully explain. Ah Bob, you’re a true rock and roller at heart. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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