Singing Halleluja (CVJM 101) 1972 Germany *







Singing Halleluja






German live-before-an-audience compilation featuring five different artists, all but one of whom perform in English. I’m assuming that The Forerunners is the same folk/pop group that recorded on the UK Key label. They do two songs, one being a cover of Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Pride Of Man’ with basement electric guitar soloing. The Tellers, an American band, contribute ‘This Little Light’ and a cover of Paul Clark’s ‘I’ve Got Something’, both tracks in a lively primitive beat/rock style with solid drum beats and rugged garage electric guitar strums. Folk-singer Pére Cocagnac uses just acoustic guitar to back his four songs (three in German, one in French) while interjecting humorous vocal inflections here and there. Noah’s Band (also from the US) provides an excellent guy/gal mix of soft electric folk-rock and fiddle-backed country folk, covering songs by Fred Field and Love Song (‘Front Seat, Back Seat’, ‘Country Life’, ‘Free’, ‘Praise The Lord’ and ‘He’ll Be Coming In The Clouds’). That leaves Germany’s Gospelplow for their male/female folk covers of ‘Lonesome Traveller’ and ‘Well, Well, Well’. All rattler nicely done I must say. Laminated fold-out sleeve with built-in lyric pages. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.Thank you Donald for pointing out the photo.