The Cottage Tapes — Book One (Solid Rock SRD-701) 1999















Part of Larry Norman and Solid Rock’s Historical Archive series, this compilation features mostly material from the pair’s One Way solo recordings. Sixteen cuts in all: four are denoted as altemative mixes and three as previously unreleased (‘Up In Canada’, ‘He’s The One’ and ‘I Ain’t Gonna Sing The Blues No More’). Still I had the feeling of having heard most everything on here before in some fashion or another. Probably only essential for completists. Lengthy Larry ramblings in the liner notes. Also titled Where The Woodbine Twineth. 46:39 (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
01Randy Stonehill & Larry Norman I Don't Want To Lose You2:54
02Randy Stonehill & Larry Norman Blue Shoes White 2:59
03Larry Norman - What Goes Through Your Mind2:32
04Larry Norman Righteous Rocker 3:05
05Larry Norman I've Searched All Around 2:54
06Larry Norman Up In Canada 2:05
07Larry Norman Why Don't You Look Into Jesus 3:06
08Larry Norman - Taking My Time 1:14
09Larry Norman You Knew What You Were Doing 2:50
10Randy Stonehill Alright Now 3:13
11Randy Stonehill I Love You 2:58
12Randy Stonehill Norman's Kitchen 3:59
13Randy Stonehill & Larry Norman Song For A Small Circle Of Friends2:42
14Randy Stonehill & Larry Norman He's The One 3:39
15Randy Stonehill & Larry Norman I Ain't Gonna Sing The Blues No More 3:56
16Randy Stonehill Christmas Time 2:30