Live! At Carnegie Hall (Canis Major 0002-2) 1997


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28 minutes of “Can You See Me”? A daunting proposition, but one I would be ready for – one day. After all, this is Phil Keaggy! That’s what I told myself when I picked up this CD. “Oh, no,” I can hear you say — “too much hippie music!!” Some of the preconceived notions about this CD recorded in 1971 in New York City at one of the world’s most prestigious venues. Opening for the Kinks that night, this Ohio band had 45 minutes and, according to the CD’s adequate liner notes, the band was ready. They had opened for all the heavies that came thru the Midwest: Traffic, Yes and Grand Funk just to name a few. They often played to audiences of 20,000 or more. Carnegie Hall seemed small compared to that – still, the band was worried that the New York audience would not take to them or that they wouldn’t play well enough They needn’t have worried. Nearly 54 minutes of music here. Yes, Phil Keaggy is the showcase. He is quite phenomenal, getting loads of various sounds and ideas. Add to that some blinding speed and accuracy — and most important, never losing the sense of melody in the music and you have Phil at his best. But it isn’t only him. It is the band’s chemistry. John Sferra (drums and guitar) and Keaggy had been in hands together since junior high. Dan Pecchio added bass, flute, harmonica and a strong singing voice to the band. They also had a top rate presence in Lew Merenstein who had produced the Van Morrison albums Astral Weeks and Moondance. It is one of those things that just worked. It could happen that way in the magical late ‘60s, early ‘70s This CD will not bore you. Remember the period in which it was recorded. Set aside time to enjoy it. Yes, there is a drum solo – a short and creative one, at that. Get an earful of Keaggy – he is amazing here. Dig the interplay of these guys. Togetherness. A very fitting View of the band live. Another thing – at this time the entire band were believers. There are no holds barred on the lyrical presentation. BF 53:51 (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



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I have not acquired this album yet.



Song #Song TitleTime
01Look In The Sky 10:16
02Never Is A Long Time 3:33
03Do Lord 3:59
04Changes 6:27
05Can You See Me 28:56