The Celebration Club Session (Plankton PCDN 138) 1993 UK *

















Zowee!! This thing is one aural swift kickaroo to the buttocks! Sometime after their Key album had risen to legendary big-buck status among collectors, the quest for unreleased Out Of Darkness material began. In 1993 we were finally rewarded with the fruits of that search via this excellent high-quality 1972 4-track recording from the Celebration Club in Gillingham, England. By this time lead singer Tony Goodman had moved on, leaving Wray Powell as chief vocalist. Powell is also the songwriter for all of the six tracks included here. Only six tracks you say? Well don’t worry – the CD still clocks in at a good 48 minutes, meaning there are some seriously long songs here. As much as I respect the band’s debut I’d have to say Celebration Club Session has a more authentic and professional feel that pushes even further in a heavy Band Of Gypsys Afro-rock direction. Lyrically broader in scope, too, touching on topics like drug addiction (‘Cocaine’) and racism (the 10minute ‘Worldpool’ where Tim Anderson’s drums smoke). Still singing boldly about Jesus on ‘Walk On The Water’, ‘Love To Love’ and ‘Valley (I Gotta Follow)’. Closes with the 13-minute ‘Child Of The Universe’ in spell-binding 5/4 time. Definitely a guitar album with Powell’s Hendrix-inspired leads all over the place – from scratchy funk to moody psychedelia to jamming blues to searing hard rock – it’s ‘all here. Powerful from start to finish. 48:18 (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).














I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
01Walk on the Water 4:56
02 Love to Love 8:12
03 Worldpool 10:40
04Cocaine 5:28
05Valley (I'm Gonna Follow) 5:32
06Child of the Universe 13:18