Little Bits (Old Time Gospel Hour OTGH-0478) 1979?
















“Disturbing” is probably the best word to describe this grown man (Mark Fox) who sings children’s songs in a psychotic munch-kin voice. As far as strangeness goes, Little Marcy clearly ain’t got nothing on this guy! Side one has a couple familiar songs like ‘Let The Sun Shine In’ and ‘This Little Light Of Mine’, plus several originals (‘J-E-S-U-S’, ‘BO-R-N A-G-A-I-N’, ‘Lord Make Me Like You’), reaching the pinnacle of insanity on the title track (“Jesus will take your little bits, and make them oh so big!”). Side two is entirely taken up with ‘Something’s Happened To Daddy’, the story of an alcoholic father told from Little Markie’s perspective in a constant squeaky Donald Duck-ish sob over-top soft electric piano. Stuff about being fat, going to hell, dad beating up mom, screams of “I hate you!”, culminating with Little Markie on his deathbed dying from a pain in his chest and seeing visions of Jesus (obviously this is not for the faint of heart). Ok, I know it’s just an act and all that, but man this thing really freaks me out! Liner notes by Jerry Falwell. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).















I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Let The Sun Shine In2:26
1-3Little Bits
1-4Medley: B-O-R-N A-G-A-I-N, For God So Loved The World2:21
1-5This Little Light Of Mine2:15
1-6 Lord Make Me Like You
2-1Story Of An Alcoholic Father