Volume 1 (M F Family Ministries no #) 1977?
















Oh my, this is just getting way too intense. Lil’ Markie is in rare form on this one, first warming us up with five songs that range from tearjerker ballads to spastic expulsions. My favorite is ‘Serving The Lord’ with its line of “I will never march in the infantwee” and militaristic Wes sir! !”s that are like jabs to the rear end with an electric cattle prod, Side two begins with his famous ‘Diary Of An Unborn Child’ where Markie takes on the role of a growing fetus, giving enthusiastic day-by—day commentary on his physical development, how strong his heart is beating, wondering what his parents will name him, etc. All’s well until the shocker comes on December 28: “Today, my mother killed me!”, followed by Markie singing a song with a chorus of “why did you kill me Mommy?”. Now that our spirits are lifted, it’s on to ‘Little Markie Goes To Calvary’ where our boy becomes completely unhinged, screaming on and on about being called a fatso, becoming a candy shop-lifler, and taking drugs like marijuana, hashish, PCP and heroin (“hewoin”) — all at the tender age of five! Somehow he ends up at Calvary, watching as Jesus is crucified and eventually repenting of his hardened criminal ways, weeping profusely as he sings the closing song about how much he wuvs Jesus. Creepy negative image picture of Mark’s boyhood face on the front cover. Approach with extreme caution. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Jesus Put the Stars in the Sky
1-2Serving the Lord
1-3I Will Obey the Lord
1-4I Have Jesus in my Heart Today
1-5Jesus Wants to Live in You
2-1Little Markie Goes To Calvary
2-2Diary of an Unborn Child