The Witnesses (Herald ELR 1076) 1966 UK * EP







The WitnessesF








Magnificent four-song EP from British male foursome with soft harmony jingle-jangle electric Merseybeat sound Songs include ‘Why? ’, ‘Everything Will Be Alright’, ‘The Winning Side’ and ‘Another Day’ (the latter would have made a great B-side to The Nightcrawlers’ ‘The Little Black Egg’). Ranks proudly with the best of the 1964-to1966 garage-band British Invasion sound Features Phil Jones on lead guitar, Chris Keenan on rhythm guitar, Jimmy Nunnen on bass guitar and Norman Smith on drums. Cover notes state that they were one of the top groups at the Catacombs, an early Christian Coffee Club in Manchester. I want a full-length Witnesses lp! !! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).














I have not acquired this album yet.