Message Brought To Us (Tanignak WM-7079-1) 2000
















Also known as Anthology Volume One. Normally I don’t list compilation CDs of previously released material, but I’ll make an exception for this one. First of all, six of the eight songs from Wilson McKinley’s seldom heard 1973 release Country In The Sky are included. Previously available only on cassette, these songs show the band evolving into a smooth appealing mellow hypnotic brand of country rock. And due to some professional mixing, you can now hear seven songs from Heaven’s Gonna Be A Blast without the electric bass going straight up your nose. Filling out the remainder of the CD are five tracks from their classic Spirit Of Elijah, two from On Stage, and a song from a practice tape called ‘l’ll Live Again’. The sound quality is vastly improved and the packaging is first rate. Somebody obviously put some love, care and attention into this project. 72:56 (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This album, along with the 2cd set Now I’m A Jesus Freak, can be purchased for a very reasonable price from this site:  This link is also in the comments. diakoneo

















I have not acquired this album yet.




Song #Song TitleTime
01You Gotta Hear About My Friend
02The Love Of My Saviour
03Tree Of Life
04Crown Of Glory
05His Eye Is On The Sparrow
06Come On Home
07Spirit Of Elijah
08Standin' At The Crossroads
09Never Cry No More
10He Made Us Free
11Then I Fell In Love
12A Warm Summer Day
13I Wish I Had The Words To Tell You
14Almighty God
15Saviour Changed My Life
16I See With Different Eyes
17I'm In Love With Someone
18God Is Everywhere
19Simple Song
20Country In The Sky
21I'll Live Again