The Voyage 0f Icarus (Locust 87) 2007














Milwaukeeans Silmaril have an artistic progressive acid folk style that one more often hears in British groups like The Incredible String Band. The liner notes state that they came from a Catholic background; and judging from their band name they apparently also had an interest in J. R. R. Tolkien. This is an amazingly good recording for a custom production, one that brings to mind those UK folk rarities that go for enormous dollars Nine of the nineteen tracks are from a 300-press 1973 album called Given Time Or The Several Roads that was primarily non-religious in nature. The remaining songs are from an unreleased album of Christian-themed songs that was recorded shortly thereafter. Songs are typically gentle, ethereal, mysterious, brooding and loner-edged, beautiful melodies often minimally arranged and shrouded in a minor key, with alternating fragile male and female lead singers. Musical backing is primarily from acoustic guitar, periodically filled in with touches of instruments like mandolin, soft electric guitar, recorder, percussion and cymbals. Sitar accentuates the psychedelic angle on ‘Vespers’ and the title track, while ‘Living Stone’ receives a similar vibe from the fuzz guitar. ‘Revelation 13:11-18’ includes some creative synthesizer backing, while the more rock-edged ‘Song Of The Apocalypse’ adds drums and a bit of rugged electric guitar. Some of the other titles with spiritual themes include ‘Holy Holy’, ‘Maranatha’, ‘Lamb Of God’ and a cover of ‘Babylon’. A fascinating and refreshingly original work that’s quite unlike anything else in Christian music, and a must-have for folk/psych enthusiasts. For additional info, check out {( [NO LONGER GOOD link]}. 58:52 (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This album is a compilation of the above mentioned Given Time Or The Several Roads and  No Mirrored Temple (a second unleased album recorded 1974). Additional information can be found online at Pitchfork and Pychedelicfolk. The group started about 1970 as the group Dark Star after (The Grateful Dead’s song of the same name).  The members at that time were Matthew Peregrine – born Jim Boulet, William Pint and Mary Ann Filo near 1973 Sharon Clarke and Mike Krukowski joined the group when Mary Ann Filo left. This lead to the change of names to Silmaril. The group dissolved in the late 1970’s.  Matthew went on to form the band Blue Wave. Matthew passed away in the mid 1990’s. Some might say that well the first album was secular. This is true however this is also a period  when the members were searching for meaning and purpose in life. In the second album we see the discovery of that search and the changes brought about by the asking of Jesus into a life.  By looking at both the searching and the finding struggles and discovery can be helpful to those people who are still searching as they maybe able to relate to the struggle of an artist and seek the same solution, making the evangelistic message that much more effective.      diakoneo















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Song #Song TitleTime
01Poustinia 3:43
02Not Enough 3:54
03Windbridge 2:00
04Vespers 2:31
05Living Stone 4:43
06Given Time 2:14
07Harrow Hill 4:00
08October Road/Sleeping Magnificat 6:47
09Voyage Of The "Icarus" 2:21
10Holy Holy 1:58
11Plymouth Bay 5:13
12Velvet And Gold The Dancer 3:21
13Babylon 2:07
14Maranatha 2:20
15Vita Brevis 0:30
16The Coming Storm 0:56
17Lamb Of God 1:21
18Revelation 13:11:18 2:26
19Song Of The Apocalypse 6:16