Telling Youth… The Truth (LRL 001) 2004
















For fans of the UK Christian ‘60s garage/beat/rock phenomenon, this CD is a dream come true. The Pilgrims were one of many Christian rock bands that were doing the beat thing in England in the mid-sixties. And they just might happen to be the best, even though scarcely anything they recorded made it onto vinyl back then. This compilation consists of previously unheard tracks recorded from 1962 to 1967. Given the spotty nature of most Christian beat albums, it’s amazing that the quality level is maintained solidly here over the course of twenty-one tracks (a couple of the songs have two versions). Definitely a high point for the entire genre, highlights being the Standells-like ‘Hey You!’ and an intense pre-Out Of Darkness version of ‘Thank You Lord’ with incredibly raucous fuzz guitar. Good garage-band electric guitar throughout, sometimes Shadows-like on the earlier songs, sometimes upbeat and jangly, sometimes with a slow bluesy vibe. Solid bass and drum backing as well, plus harmonica on a few songs. Sound quality is great — even the very few tracks with minor tape damage are more than listenable. Member Tony Goodman (who’s heard on some of the later numbers here) would carry on into the band Out Of Darkness. A strong contender for “first Christian rock band”. Good packaging that includes band history and pics. Nicely done all around. This CD release was coordinated by Ed Nadorozny from whom you can also order the CD ( See also 7”/EP section. 58:07 (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















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Song #Song TitleTime
01Hey You! 2:54
02Thank You Lord 3:24
03Heaven's The Place For Me (Version 2) 3:19
04There's Someone In Your Life 3:07
05I Didn't Care 2:34
06Think It Over (Version 2) 2:16
07Wait And See 2:35
08Do You Believe In God? 2:24
09Heard It All Before 4:41
10Any Time Of The Day 2:09
11Who's Your Lord? 1:56
12I Know I'm Going To Heaven 2:36
13He Wants You 2:31
14I Don't Need You 2:03
15What Are You Doing With Your Life? 2:34
16Think Of God's Love 2:30
17I Praise The Lord 2:59
18Don't You Think It's Time 3:42
19Heaven's The Place For Me (Version 1) 2:39
20I Found A Special Friend 2:40
21Think It Over (Version 1) 2:24