The Phillips Family And Their Puppets (HRS 1185) 1980? Canada *






Sorry no picture on this album.







Burlington, Ontario family and their ministry of puppetry and music. The songs are standard forgettable kid gospel stuff, but the live-before-an-audience puppet routines are fairly entertaining. Can’t tell who all’s involved, but I’d guess a dad, a mom, two daughters, a son and maybe some friends. The puppets appear to be of the Muppet variety (judging from the front cover photo). ‘Charlie Green’s Mixed-Up Parable’ takes pieces of several random Bible stories and presents them as a single confused nonsensical tale. Also a telling of ‘David & Goliath’ in a heavy Southern accent, and an unbelieving football fan who switches sides when he learns heaven will have free ice cream and a big football field. Some of the other routines I’ve heard before by performers like Geraldine & Ricky. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


















I have not acquired this album yet.