Patch The Pirate Goes West (Musical Ministries MMOZS) 1983








patch west

Patch The Pirate Goes West – Original LP Front Cover



Patch The Pirate Goes West – CD Front Cover









Shortly after reaching land with a precious cargo of Bibles, Patch is abducted by Chief Hallawasah, leader of the great Chickadee Indian tribe. Patch’s crew conducts a search, aided by a dimwitted Yosemite Sam-ish cow-poke who can’t seem to get his books of the Bible straight (“Let’s see now… Matthew, Mark. Luke, 1st and 2nd Ruth, Song of Samson. Joshua, George, 4th Babylonians…”). Well it turns out the Chief and his tribe ain’t so bad after all — they just wanted Patch’s Bible. The Chief speaks in his incredibly deep sub-Lurch monotone: “Indian see paleface have Bible. Chief Hallawasah and all Chickadee tribe loveurn Bible”. Things get even better when Hallawasah leads a couple songs (insert familiar stereotyped Indian thematic tom-tom music here). Singing prairie dogs also make an appearance. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Patch the Pirate can be found online at Patch The Pirate and at Majesty Music where you can purchase this and other CD’s by Patch and Ron Hamilton. Or you can do a Google or you favorite search engine as I also saw some available also at, so there may be other sights that sell them as well.       diakoneo








Patch The Pirate Goes West - Original Rear Cover

Patch The Pirate Goes West – Original Rear Cover






I have not acquired this album yet.  Thank you Ozark Ken for both original LP front and rear cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Tell Me The Story of Jesus2:43
1-2Finish The Job3:58
1-3Harmony at Home4:44
1-4I Love Broccoli5:34
1-5Cool Water5:36
1-6He's My Friend2:57
2-1Rise And Shine3:21
2-2Tell The Truth7:39
2-4Do Right2:57
2-6The God of the Impossible3:48