Now! (Christian Heritage no #) 1968?









Most of these self-made end-of-the-world dramatizations can be a pretty wild ride. In place of the more common scenario of pre-tribulation pre-millennial dispensationalism (gesundheitl), this one comes from a Seventh Day Adventist perspective, based on the writings of Ellen G. White. Now! follows the path of a young Adventist girl named Alice, her family and her friends during the end times. One day an announcement is made that the Supreme Court has approved the National Sunday Sabbath Law compelling all people to worship on Sunday. That sets all true believers (i.e., Adventists) at odds with the government. Alice and her brother must eventually leave home and live their lives on the run. The two are reported by a testy gas station attendant when they attempt to buy gas without a permit. Eventually she’s caught and slated for the death penalty. Some believers cave in and reject Adventist doctrine, but Alice stays true. Her refusal to “repent” results in the execution of her father, followed by rejection from her mother (“You killed your father!”). Then Jesus comes. People scream, kill each other and throw themselves into cracks in the earth. Alice’s heart bursts with joy as she floats up to heaven accompanied by her guardian angel (and grandiose orchestration). Written by 17—year old high school student Merikay McLeod after attending Bible lectures by Evangelist Fordyce Detamore in Kalamazoo, Michigan. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

It seems that Merikay contributed more than just her story that became a 45-page novella and the album of this post. She married a Silver and Was employed at Pacific Press. She has contributed to gender equality in out culture. See The Merikay Silver Case in the article. Be sure to schroll down and find the comments of Linda Tobler and Merikay McLeod at the end of the Article. There are several other articles including one in LandMarks Magazine titled Silver and Marik Betrayed By Barbara Bender. There is also a book review for: Pacific Press Lawsuit: The Other Side of the Story By J.R. Spangler in Ministry Magazine. Personally, I have nothing against the Seventh Day Adventist Church not Merikay McLeod (she is evidently divorced now). In looking at the articles, I must say that Merikay must have exhausted the internal organizational appeals for equality of pay prior to filing her law suits. That the church and the company fought against her for about 20 years is evidence that the hierarchy did not consider the bible and the admonition to believers not to take fellow believers to court. Granted one verse referred to is taking something out of context, However, all of Jesus ministry was showing believers how God wants us to live, in love and harmony with each other. I also find it ironic that Jesus fought against the traditional “church” and hierarchy of the Jewish traditions, which ultimately led to His death on the cross and His resurrection. That Merikay had to take the Pacific Press and the church to court for such an extended period of time indicates that neither Pacific Press nor the church could just DO THE RIGHT THING. I am not singling out the Seventh Day Adventist here, because if we look at every denomination I am positive that every one of them are just as much at odds about something. It goes even deeper than that, everyone of us who call ourselves Christians are falling so far short of Jesus teachings on a daily basis. Do you love the brethren in you neighbor churches? Why must there be so much strife between the denominations or even within a denomination? Yes it is our sinful nature, but that is why Jesus came into this world and died for us, At this time of year we need to take a closer look at our selves and ask ourselves, “Am I showing the love that God and Jesus were trying to demonstrate to us?” “How can I become more Christ like?” Jesus help me to show more love in my life, that both my brothers and sisters in You and those unbelievers that I come in contact with will see Your love in me. To You be all the Glory and Honor and Praise. Amen diakoneo

Let’s just say this is a teachable moment.  Merikay’s book is still available for purchase.  I also believe the idea that Marikay should have just waited and the problem would have fixed it self in time. That idea has proven it self not to be the truth. Women today still are not on an equal footing with men in wages.










I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for finding the photo of the front cover.