Powerhouse Experience (Pel Dal PD001/1175) 1975?








Powerhouse Experience








This record documents some of the happenings at the Powerhouse Of Jesus ministry in Minneapolis, led by Raymond Blaylark, former drug addict and lawbreaker, now a Jesus-preaching Reverend. Powerhouse Experience consists mostly of radical spoken testimonies of young folk who’ve hooked up with the group, coming out of lifestyles of crime, drugs, witchcraft, demon worship and racism. Also includes three live songs by the Minnesota group Morning Star, echoing the moody rural acoustic-rock style of their superb Message From The Throne 1p. ‘You’re So Free’ appeared on that album, but the other two did not (‘Star Gazer’ and ‘Beatitudes’). The songs are rather short, and two of them are divided into Parts I and II (with testimonies in between), but it’s still nice to hear more from this excellent band. As far all the talking, it’s a fascinating snapshot of some of the ways God was working the lives of the Jesus people. Cover includes several photos from the ministry, including one of a billboard that states “Jesus. The man with the plan!” (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).









I have not acquired this album yet.