Intuition (Anodos KM 5520) 1980








Power, Reid - Intuition








Rocker man Reid Power delivers the goods on this excellent obscure custom recording. Reid’s one of those multi-instrument kind of guys, handling acoustic and electric guitars, bass and on a couple occasions keyboards (piano, background synthesizer), while cohorts Susy Power and Dave Johnson fill in on vocals and drums respectively. Opens with ‘Let Love Start’, a muscular hard rocker in the Bachman-Tumer Overdrive tradition with a driving rhythm guitar riff and burning lead guitar action. ‘Let It Shine On You’ and ‘Coming Back’ are two more loud ones, the latter with cool psychy backwards lead guitar. Nice jamming and jazzy funk-rock groove kickin’ up on ‘How Many Times’, one of a handful of songs where Susy takes over the lead vocals. Good solid drum work on all of these. Reid shows equal skill at melodic quiet-textured acoustic moods, as heard on ‘Lonesome Highway’, ‘The Prince’ and the soft-strumming ‘Susy’. In between are some fine rural hippie folk-rock songs like ‘If I Don’t Have You’ and ‘Somebody Loves You’, the latter very similar to the group Branches. Good sound, with just the right amount of unpolished home-made vibes. All originals written by Reid. From Visalia, California. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have not acquired this album yet.