Just Live By Faith (Valtron  V-2717) 1973








Project, The - Just Live By Faith








Whoever The Project were they scored a winner here with this excellent home-made combination of rural acoustic rock and authentic country folk and blues. There’s scarcely any info on the sleeve save for simple b&w lettering bearing the group name, album title, song listing and the phrase “God does not need you — but you need The record label says it was recorded in Helena, Montana. Mostly an acoustic setting with just guitar and electric bass, the exception being the twangy electric opening title tune with psychy wah—wah like Joyful Noise’s Electric Gospel. Blues influences ala ASFB surface on the boogie-vibed ‘Jesus Will Provide The Answers’, while ‘Created By Only A Voice’ gets a nice heavy rockin’ bass line. The purity and charm carries over into the slower ballad tracks as well. The vocals have a real backwoods heartfelt sincerity (the girl’s voice especially has a pleasant rustic hue seldom heard in Christian music). Twelve songs in all, mostly originals from what I can tell. ] (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







The Project-back







I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you George for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Just Live By Faith3:00
1-2God Our Creator3:55
1-3Jesus Christ, Our King1:57
1-4Before You Lose Your Soul2:10
1-5Hooked On Jesus2:27
1-6Cross In Pain3:05
2-1Jesus Will Provide The Answers2:52
2-2The Key is To Love Him4:02
2-3Road Called Straight2:04
2-4I was Traveling Life’s Highway2:30
2-5Created By Only A Voice2:42
2-6The Robe3:28