On Your Way (Word Rock 110044) 1981








Praise Band, The - On Your Way






Lots of good electric guitar work on this recommended New York rock private press. Summery melodic middle-ground grooves, not super loud or anything, but certainly not lightweight either. A number of upbeat energetic songs including ‘Hard Things’, ‘Get Off Of Religion’ and ‘Come Unto Me’, along with the rocking ‘Winner’ and title track. Balanced with some quieter material. A few background keyboards subtly blending in here and there (piano, electric piano, organ, string synthesizer), but it’s always the guitars in the spotlight Not necessarily an eighties sound even though it has a 1981 date. Mostly male lead vocals (Bill Kiefer), with female backing vocals. Lyrics emphasizing the “uncompromised word of God”. Comparable to some of the better groups on the NewBorn label. The band grew out of a Youth For Christ club, but these folks are better than most of the YFC bands I’ve heard. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








I have not acquired this album yet.